Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yup it's me!!

Haven't made many cards in a long time because of my fibromyalgia. My son went back to school on Tuesday and I was resolved to try again. Sometimes my coloring isn't perfect because of my shaking hands and some of them are very plain because we have house guests staying in stamp room, so things are here and there (I don't really know where anymore), but I had fun and couldn't wait to get back to my friends here that have been so supportive and patient. Love you gals!

RAK from Darla Ryan! Isn't this fabulous! I love everything about it and was so surprised when it showed up in my mailbox. Thanks so much for thinking of me Darla, you really made my day, so sweet of you!

I always make my son a card for the first day of school and put it in his lunch box! This year he asked me many, many times if I was going to make him one (I guess since I haven't stamped much). When I showed him the princess card for Kierra, he looked sad and said di you make me one too? Then we went to meet them at the school and on my way in to meet his new teacher he said, I found my card haha! The inside reads and the SUNSHINE in my days. Have a Great Day and a Wonderful Year!

I have a friend and her daughter staying with us and she started Kindergarten soon after arriving. It was so refreshing since my 9 yo son is the exact opposite. LOL. I always make him a card for the first day of school and put it in his lunch box, so thought would do the same for her. She was very excited and loved the card!

Thanks for Stopping By!