Thursday, July 24, 2008

BFF Gold Card Award from Lim!

How sweet she is, Lim, one of my bestest blogging buddies gave me this award today! Lim you touch my heart almost every day. I am so grateful for the comments that I left on your first uploads to SCS and since then I am even more grateful for you love and friendship!! You are definitely a keeper!! Love ya!!

The rules of this award:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.quite simple really it is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.

Now I would like to give this wonderful award to:

Lynn - The Queen's Scene
Dawn - Dawn's Special Creations
Donna - Serenity in Stamping
Judy - Designs by Nanny
Dawn - Crafty Ramblings

Thanks to each of you for your dedication even though I haven't posted anything in a long time, your support and sweet comments mean a lot to me!!

Now everyone else, what are you waiting for...go and check out their amazing blogs!!

This counts as a post right!! LOL!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

RAK's, sorry for the delay!! Part II

Thanks you all so much for your kindness! I always have a huge smile on my face when I come back from the mailbox with one of these. It's even better than getting goodies I order in the mail! Love ya's! XOXOXO

I am overwhelmed by the number of e-mails, PM's, cards etc... that I have received inquiring about my health. Thanks you all so much for thinking of me and for your prayers!! You have touched my heart!!

Also I haven't forgotten the blog candy, but when I ordered from 7 Kids, I included pre-ordered Cuttlebugs and didn't realize I would have to wait for them to come in before the rest of my order would be shipped.

I am so enthused with the new Nestabilities, I can't wait until I can afford them!! Totally awesome!! Does anyone know how you just emboss them and not cut them out if you are using a Big Kick??
I sent Pat this image and she created this gorgeous card. Don't you just love the faux leather background and the Crystal Effects on her shirt and boots!! I do! Pat is also the queen of masking, I absolutely love the backgrounds she gets behind the image. Wait until you see the one she just sent me, it's so adorable and the masking is also amazing. Thanks buddy, love it! If you haven't seen her gallery, check it out here!
This one is from Miss Helen and it's so pretty the flowers are all glittery, but you can't really tell in this picture. She is so sweet and way to good to me, she also sent me an adorable stamp set and set of cards made with my favorite glittery cardstock! Thanks much girlfriend!! You can see more of her fabulous creations here:
This wonderfully colorful card was sent by my dear blogging friend Lynn! It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the bright colors and her coloring is fabulous! What a sweet sentiment, I'd pick you too!! Thanks so much for the fabulous card and images!! You can see more of Lynn's fabulous creations on her blog The Queen's Scene!
This cutie is also from my wonderful friend Pat, isn't it jut adorable, I love it!!! She also sent me some adorable images and fabulous stamps!!! Thanks again Pat, looks like I owe you an RAK or two or three!!!! I don't know how you do all you do and you do it so fabulously!! LYMI

RAK's, sorry for the delay!! Part III

This adorable card was given to Jim(my husband of 10 years) and I by my mother for our anniversary. Wow 10 years sure has flown by, I don't know how he has put up with me this long!! hahaha! Just look at the little googlie eyes and I love the colors! My mom also bought me these, she is way too good to me too!! I am really very spoiled and very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and mom!!

This fabulously colorful card is from Terri (Brat Cards on SCS). She is a brat, but she is also a very wonderful person. Thanks for the images too Terri, I loved them!! Inside it has the top 10 ways hot flashes are beneficial!!! They call me the baby like they are all so much older than me!
This adorable card was sent to Cameron from Kim Schulte the 8 year old daughter of Dawn. She did an amazing job on this card. I think she could give me a lesson or two. Cameron had "retired" from card making because Aunt Patty was keeping him too busy (LOL!). It took a while to convince him to write back because she is a "girl" and he was embarrassed and retired. Isn't it fabulous!!
I saw this card in Sue's (aka: coffeestamper on SCS) gallery and left a not so subtle comment, "I love everything about this card, it's just the cutest! I don't think it's manly though, I think you should send it to me!! LOL!!" Next thing I knew it was mine!! Thanks so much Sue I loooooove it! This image is awesome and now I have some from Michelle (aka: Shellapoo on SCS)! Thanks so much to both of you!!
Sue also sent us this wonderful anniversary card. I love the colors/coloring and it's totally adorable!! I love purple and the CB BG is awesome with this as well as the perfect sentiment. Thanks again Sue, you are too sweet! Sue's son has been back and forth from the hospital, please keep him in your prayers and hearts and if you'd like to send him a card, I would be happy to provide you with the address!
Okay only four more RAK's to post and I will be all caught up! After I put them on SCS that is. I hope to get some stamping done very soon, a lot of my online friends have had terrible happenings this week!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Blog Candy Found

De-Licious blog candy can be found at Pretty Pressings, check it out!! She is extremely talented!

You can also find some fabulous blog candy at Bunny-Zoe's Blog, you don't want to miss her fabulous creations!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm sorry, so sorrrrrry!

I've really been neglecting my blog and my blogging buddies and hope to be back in the swing of things soon! I start Fibromyalgia therapy on Tuesday, you know what they say it gets worse before it gets better, well that's what I am hearing. They say the aquatic therapy is wonderful though. I really hope this works since nothing else has!!

Anyway, the blog candy really is coming!! Part of Fibromyalgia is what they call Fibro fog and it's hard to remember even simple things. Well I placed two orders last week and ordered duplicates of several things, so as soon as I get them I will be posting the blog candy.

Also I added a new blogger to my favorites, her name is Sherri and her blog is Roses in my Heart! Check it out! Sherri is really sweet and very creative, so stop by and leave her a comment or two!

Thanks to those of you that are hanging in there! Also I've received many wonderful RAK's recently as has my son and I promise to get them posted soon and apologize for the delay!!