Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little update

and one more...

A few of you may have been wondering about my absence. Well I'm alive, in a lot of pain, but thank God alive! The Fibromyalgia etc... has been getting the best of me, but I'm trying to fight back a little at a time! I've made a few more cards, but they were either mailed or given away before I took photos. This hobby is so hard when you are shaky all the time!

Here's Cameron now! He's a bit tired if you can't tell. He was riding his bike for a loooong time!

Remember that little kitten, well she's no so little anymore and she's a SPAZ! LOL!
Here's another kitty, Garfield, he showed up on our porch one day and hasn't left since! Poor thing got bit on the leg by another animal and couldn't walk on his leg. So, we got him fixed and fixed up and now he has a loving home!

Thanks for Stopping By!

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Susan said...

Love the photos of your cats!
I have a 9 year black cat who goes by the grand name of "Jennifer Jet" (my son who was 6 at the time thought it was a "proper" name for a "girl cat"!) - she lives upstairs whilst the dog lives downstairs - and we humans just fit around them!