Sunday, July 13, 2008

RAK's, sorry for the delay!! Part III

This adorable card was given to Jim(my husband of 10 years) and I by my mother for our anniversary. Wow 10 years sure has flown by, I don't know how he has put up with me this long!! hahaha! Just look at the little googlie eyes and I love the colors! My mom also bought me these, she is way too good to me too!! I am really very spoiled and very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and mom!!

This fabulously colorful card is from Terri (Brat Cards on SCS). She is a brat, but she is also a very wonderful person. Thanks for the images too Terri, I loved them!! Inside it has the top 10 ways hot flashes are beneficial!!! They call me the baby like they are all so much older than me!
This adorable card was sent to Cameron from Kim Schulte the 8 year old daughter of Dawn. She did an amazing job on this card. I think she could give me a lesson or two. Cameron had "retired" from card making because Aunt Patty was keeping him too busy (LOL!). It took a while to convince him to write back because she is a "girl" and he was embarrassed and retired. Isn't it fabulous!!
I saw this card in Sue's (aka: coffeestamper on SCS) gallery and left a not so subtle comment, "I love everything about this card, it's just the cutest! I don't think it's manly though, I think you should send it to me!! LOL!!" Next thing I knew it was mine!! Thanks so much Sue I loooooove it! This image is awesome and now I have some from Michelle (aka: Shellapoo on SCS)! Thanks so much to both of you!!
Sue also sent us this wonderful anniversary card. I love the colors/coloring and it's totally adorable!! I love purple and the CB BG is awesome with this as well as the perfect sentiment. Thanks again Sue, you are too sweet! Sue's son has been back and forth from the hospital, please keep him in your prayers and hearts and if you'd like to send him a card, I would be happy to provide you with the address!
Okay only four more RAK's to post and I will be all caught up! After I put them on SCS that is. I hope to get some stamping done very soon, a lot of my online friends have had terrible happenings this week!


Lim said...

Wow.. Nice cards.. Everybody loves you because you have a GOLD HEART!
I love youuuuuuu.. Also, you have an award in my blog!! :))
Big Hugs for Cameron.

Lynn said...

These are all such sweet cards!
I've been thinking of you and wondering how the water therapy was going and if it has helped at all.
Take care :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

FABulous RAKS!!!!!! You inspire such giving and creativity!!! Don't give up hope on me.....I finally found your snail mail after my chaotic move!!!! ;)

Terri Fleming said...

Hey, I hope that wisdom ahead of time did not scare you! No worries on posting. I miss you, but I know you need to take care of yourself. Hopefully, there will be a way to do both soon!

With Hugs,

Dawn said...

Aww these are gorgeous - you have so many lovely friends Deb

Hope you're feeling better