Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Orchid Opulence Sympathy Card. My boss's father-in-law passed away last Friday unexpectedly. She is currently in Buffalo with her family and our team at work is going to send her this card and an Applebee's Gift Certificate so they can go out to eat when they get back. They were supposed to be on vacation this week and we thought it would be nice not to have to cook after the trip back, not to mention that they probably didn't have much at the house since they were planning to be away. She is a great person and a good friend to each of us and I'm sure she will be appreciative of this gesture from the team. As a site, the Online Banking Department sent flowers to the funeral parlor also. What a great place to work where everyone is so thoughtful and caring. I used a pin to poke hole in the fold of the card, so I could manually staple some extra pages in, so all nineteen of us could sign it. I will have to watch them like hawks to ensure that they don't damage my card (LOL!). I like this card much better than the one I made the other day, so I will be duplicating it for Keith and Dom. I'll send the other card to Dom Sr.
The scan on this card isn't great, but the embossing that you can see most of is done with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. I stamped the sentiment prior to embossing on the first card, but forgot on the second one. I'm glad though because I like it better that way, so I added it to the first card also. By the third card, i was done with trying to layer the folded paper, so I decided to use the edge distresser and ink it!!

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