Monday, July 23, 2007

Changito 3x3 Quickies

Started these cards a few days ago, just colored the monkeys. Sunday Pudge brought up the banana stamp, so I stamped it on two small squares because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I definitely want to buy one, so I can play with it whenever I want and of course Changito is going to have to eat. Then Bob called and said he got some Changitos in to sell and needed more examples. I've been tired and blocked, but I figured I could finish these easy enough. Hope you like the, just the beginning of the collection. You will be seeing lots more of him!! TFL I printed the sayings on the computer and punched them out with Stampin' Up's word window!


me said...

I heard Bobby stole some of your cards !! Where did you get the 2 banana sayings. You didn't share them !!! How many more you got anyway ?????????????

pudge said...

What is word window $ where is it ????? I got play money too,can I buy some cards for my 8 ???