Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Mail!!

Let me start out by apologizing for my absence here and on your blogs!! I have had this horrible cough that is just killing me, but I think coughing is good excercise for the stomach!! However if it keeps up, Im going to need some Depends, LOL!! About an hour ago, I took my first dose from an Advair inhaler and I am feeling much better already!!
I purchased a chocolate chip wheel (roller) from Delrich on SCS!! She gave me a fabulous deal while others wanted my first born, JK!!! Thanks so much Diane! I was so surprised when I opened the envelope and saw this fabulous bag!! Isn't it great!!
Princess Helena ~ Thank so much for this adorable card that I admired in you gallery! I love everything about it. I already played the CD, I love Christmas music and Cam came in dancing and said I like this music!! I've always wanted to make these jars, very cool!! How thoughtful of you and you are so way far ahead of me!! I'm green with envy!! Isn't it adorable?? You're so sweet Helen aka: misshelenstamps on SCS, we became friends just about a year ago on SCS and I'll love her till I die!!

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Dawn said...

I'm glad to see you back - hope you get rid of tha nasty cough - lots of people here have been ill with colds and flu.
Gorgeous cards to get - it's so lovely when Mr Mailman brings you a package....