Friday, June 22, 2007

Cameron's Kindergarten Graduation

Well it wasn't really a graduation just an awards ceremony, but none the less I am so proud of him. He worked hard this year and did a wonderful job!YAY !!! One of my friends from work got pictures of her little boy in cap and gown and I am so jealous!!! I did however, get pictures of Cameron withGramma and Grampa, which are twice as precious!!!

The card with the little mouse was made by my mother, yep you read it right. She has been a 3x3 card making machine and they are very, very cute. Look at this, she even put brads on for buttons. WOW! Amazing Job, when I saw it, i wanted to steal it! And she said she couldn't do it!!!

I made him this card, which came out OK. I'm glad because Frankie's colors are the same and don't be surprised if he gets the same exact card, so don't show Gina.

I wish I had thought to take some pictures of the gifts that we sent to his teacher and teachers aide, but sorry too late I delivered them this morning. For Mrs. Jones I made a card box with an address book and filled it with cards from the $ store. It would have taken me a year to make them all and these were pretty cute. For Mrs. Palmer I made a checkbook cover, decorated a Crystal Light container and filled it with Werther's and butterscotch candy, and a candle. Now you're all mad, huh?

Pictures aren't very good, hard with a camera. I need a new scanner, anyone wanna buy me one?

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Anonymous said...

Quit whinning your cards are really great,I don't even want to share mine ! ! By the way Cassville is spelled wrong in your blog !!!