Friday, June 22, 2007

My New Blog

So what do you think of my new blog? I'm feeling pretty proud that I was able to create it! Still a work in progress though and probably will be for a long time to come.

I thought this would be a neat way to share my projects with you (if I ever make any) and you can leave comments. I am also thinking about posting weekly challenges, what do you think are you up to it? Come on stop moaning and groaning, we have spent lots of money on this stuff and we need to use it!!

I've made some changes to my scrap room (some of you have already seen them) and I love the way it looks, but now I can't find anything! LOL! Whoever said organization is key was wrong.

Don't forget to order any retiring items by June 30th!! That's also the last day to order before the price increase goes in to effect.

1 comment:

Lim said...

I lOooooooooooove your room. Can I go to your housr and play with you?..That looks like a store! :))