Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where in the World is Deb Wood!!

Well this may be TMI for some of you, but I wanted to explain my absence and let you know I hope to make some cards and post some RAK's tomorrow!

On Tuesday we got one heck of a snow storm that continued in to Wednesday. It was a white out, lots of heavy heavy snow. Trees fell, what a mess. Our power went out about 11:00 pm Tuesday night and we froze to death! Neither the furnace nor the pellet stove or anything else works without power. Wednesday I had prep for my colonoscopy, so I obviously needed running water.(I have irritable bowel syndrome bad! Most people with Fibromyalgia do, but they wanted to rule anything else out. I go for an endoscopy on 11/14.) So I packed myself and Cameron up, picked him up from school and headed to my moms!! It was so awesome!! There was no stress, just Love!! I've never felt more welcome anywhere and we both seemed much happier!!

On Thursday, my hour and a half procedure had me there from 2pm-730pm. I was scared to go, but it wasn't so bad, I didn't even have a hard time with the prep! My test came back clean, except I was surprised to hear that I have hemorrhoids. I thought I was one. LOL!! They've never bother me and the doc says most people have them!! The mean nurse in recovery kept yelling at me because I didn't fart (hahaha), but the people all around me sure were. Hahahahaha! They call it the gas room. I kept rolling off my side and she yelled some more. Then she came over and pushed on my stomach, nothing! I was so thirsty, Nothing to drink since 10 am. So I begged her and she let me sit up and have some water. Once the doctor finally came and told me what I already knew from the paper on the table, they let me get dressed and leave. You can't leave alone, you have to have someone to drive you and I had to be wheeled out in a chair, oh no. So we get to the parking lot, which was freezing and my mom got lost in the parking garage, so I was sitting there forever!!!

Afterwards we went to Old Navy and Children's Place to find Cameron a new winter coat before the authorities came after me!! LOL!! Then we went and got Quizno's!! Yummy I had never had it before. Then stopped at my cousins because my mom was supposed to go play cards, but the hospital had delayed us too long. We did get to play a few hands of Phase 10. Then home to hot shower and sleep. Which eluded me till about 4:30am.

On Friday, we had to come to my house and check the pellet stove because the power came back on and get Cameron's costume. Then we went to Sweethearts stamps and I over spent and on to Wal-Mart to get our Stuff for the Halloween Party that was today, Saturday. After that we went to dinner at Del Monico's Steak House, oh my gosh so yummy. Later we dropped off the stuff for the party at my cousins house and then we took Cameron trick-or-treating, my mom was so excited and just like a big kid. We had an awesome time!!

Today we had the Halloween Party and it was so much fun!! I haven't eaten sugar or had soda in about 6 months, so I was wired, but now, I'm tired and oh so achy!!

It was a sad goodbye at Mom's, we were both crying because we had to leave. You would think we were far apart, but it's only about 15-20 mins!! I will always cherish the days we spent together and we plan to try to stay over once a week or every two weeks. Would have stayed again tonight because I was so tired, but DH was getting a little unhappy!! I was worried I was going to get another ticket on the way home, but for driving too slow this time!! Last week I was caught doing 70 in a 35. I had a panic attack and the officer kept telling me calm down, it will be okay and I ended up with a ticket for obstructed view, because Cameron had packed the back end with recyclables to cash in and go to the book fair!! Not that I feel like I probably shouldn't lose my license, I've been the worst driver. Almost ran over a lady in Wal-Mart, always forget where I'm going or daydreaming. One day I left the car in gear and got out, but Cameron was still in it and I had to chase the car down the drive way. Thankfully I hadn't shut the door yet. Ohhh and there are so many more.
Thanks so much mom! You mean the world to both Cameron and I and if not for Jim, we would stay forever and ever!! Love you sooooooo much. Thanks for being the best mom in the universe. It was such a nice time and I look forward to doing it again. I really hope you will stop working 7 days a week and move in with us some day!!

My cousin took a picture of my mom and I today, if it's not too bad I'll upload and share it!!

Well off to a sleeping pill and several others and the heating pad! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and I will try to catch up on commenting soon!!


Sherri said...

It's so awesome to here your test results were good! I have a friend here with lupus who has gone through that. I think they keep you in the hospital up here a little longer afterward than down there. And what a wonderful mum you have! Maybe God let the lights go out b/c He knew you could use a little mum-time:)

Joan Ervin said...

Congrats on your good new, Deb...I know it's a pain in the **** but so worth it!!! Sounds like you had quite a week...sure hope next week is better!!!

CraftyC said...

Would love a proper snowfall here in England but down the south we only get a light cover in the new year if were lucky!!

Dianne said...

Glad to hear you are alive and well! I have been putting off my physical this year because I know they are going to send me for a colonostomy.... They forgot last year and I didn't remind them... Glad to hear yours went well! How lucky you are to have your mother so close and to have such a wonderful relationship. I so wish my daughter lived close.
SNOWSTORM!!! OMG!!! I am so not ready for snow! We are having gorgeous weather right now and tomorrow should be the same! Take care, keep warm, and I hope you found a winter coat for Cameron :)

Lynn said...

What an ordeal you had to go through! I'm glad you made it through all of the test and power outage and that your mom was there to help you all out!

PS be careful driving lady!

Susan (rainy) said...

So happy for you that your test results came back clean! And what a wonderful visit with your mom. :)

Dawn said...

Hi Deb
Had wondered where you'd got to - well haen't you had a bit to deal with - so glad your tests were clear - I think I have Hemorrhoids too!!! EEK! really need to get it checked out!! Grrr!!
Please do not send the snow our way - I hate the bloomin' stuff it's so cold and miserable!!
Sounds like you had such a nice visit with your mum too..
Take care


Theresa said...

Wow, what a week you have had. Glad the tests results were good.

Love the new look. I so need to do this to my blog. {{Hugs}}

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Well, my gosh Deb!!!! I'm so sorry I hadn't popped in to check in. You sure have had a TON going on!!! I'm sending you big, big HUGS!!!!!