Friday, October 3, 2008

My boy's birthday!!

Today is Cameron's birthday and I made him this quick card. He couldn't wait for his Birthday or his Party, so my mom, husband and I had a little cupcake party and gave him a couple of presents!! I'm not sure I love this card, but I'm not a good 10 minute card maker!!

He has 18 kids in his class and we sent 36 cupcakes and he came home with none!!! The teachers and staff went nuts for them. We made chocolate with chocolate frosting with chocolate and caramel chips on top and vanilla with vanilla frosting with chocolate and vanilla chips!! They were so yummy, it's the first chocolate cake I've eaten since March and it tasted soooo good. By the end of the week, I may be a size 16 again!! LOL!

Thanks for looking!!!


Ila said...

This card is Fabulous and Fun Deb!! and those cupcakes sound yummy!!...Hugs Ila

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

That Changito is sooooo cuuuuuuuute!!! I love that cupcake! And it sure sounds like you should definitely win Mom of the Year with those delicious cupcakes for your son's class!!! I'm sure craving chocolate now!! LOL

Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!!

Lim said...

Send me some cupcakes!!! :))
Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!
This card is sooo cute, I love it!!
Big hugs for boths,

Deb Neerman said...

Okay, how the heck did I miss THIS cutie-patootie?!?

LOVE it, Deb; that image is soooo cute and I love how you angled the matted image ... too kewl for skewl!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

Deb, your card is adorable! I love the bright green color with the cute monkey and glittery cupcake!

Hope he had a fun day!

Terri Fleming said...

What a cute card! I wish I could whip up cute cards in just 10 minutes!

I need to go bake now...
Love to you!
Happy Birthday to Cameron!


Kristine B. said...

Awww..very CUTE!! Love the monkey--and your green CB background is so cheery and perfect with him!! =)