Monday, January 14, 2008

You make my Day!

My blogging friend Lynn from her blog The Queen's Scene nominated me for this You Make My Day award, isn't that nice? Thanks so much for the award Lynn!! There you go making my day again!! It was so sweet of you! Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers, wow 10! So many bloggers have already been nominated for this award so if I happen to nominate you and this is not your first time consider yourself really loved!

Lynn - as you said, "Right back at ya Babe!"
Jennie - Jenn and Sheldon's Life
My Aunt Joanne - No blog or Gallery
My Mom - No blog or Gallery
Linsey - Outside the Lines
Pat - Splitcoast Gallery
Helen - Splitcoast Gallery
Dawn Marie - Dawn's Special Creations
Donna - Serenity in Stamping
Michelle - Splitcoast Gallery

I never realized the world was filled with such beautiful people before I found Splitcoast and blogging! People I don't even know have sent me beautiful cards, provided encouragement and been just plain nice. I am astounded!! Thank you all so much for stopping by!! Happy Stamping!!


Dawn Marie said...

Thank you Deb!!I really appreiciate it! I stalk your blog daily and love all your creations!!!Keep up the inspiration!!lol

Linsey said...

Oh, how sweet you are and what a lovely gesture of stamping friendship in cyberspace! I totally agree--SCS and all the amazing people there have actually changed my life! I have never before been so inspired to create nor have I experienced such kindred closeness, support and encouragement as I do now. It is a pure joy to log-on every day and see what my great SCS friends have created and to visit all the magnificent blogs, like YOURS for wonderful inspiration! ~hugs!~