Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank You from Miss Helen!

My friend Helen sent me some stamped envelopes that I love, so I sent her a few gifts in return and she sent me this great Thank You card! The scan really isn't doing it justice. this card is adorable! There is glitter on the band of the hat and the scarf that is just beautiful and it doesn't really show up (Bummer!). I love the colors and the ribbon with the little bit of fiber on top. The flower on his hat is a brad with a little bit of bling in the middle, too cute!! The sponging around the edge of the oval is so pretty IRL!

???? What do you do with the hand made cards that you receive????? I hate to put them way, but so little room to display them w/o something happening to them. I was thinking of putting plexi-glass on my tables and putting the cards underneath and framing some to hang on the walls, but that will fill up fast. So tell me, what do you do with the ones you get??

Thanks for stopping by! Deb

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