Sunday, September 28, 2008

Awwww, How Sweet!!

I received this sweetest of awards from Lynn at The Queen's Scene, Be sure and stop by and check out her awesome blog, she is very talented and oh so sweet herself! Thanks so much Lynn!

I'm going to pass this award along to:
Lim at the Voices in my Head !!
Sherri at Roses in my Heart !!
Lee at My Reality...It's All Good !!
Donna at Serenity in Stamping !!
and Dawn at Crafty Ramblings !!

I wish I could give it to everyone who stops by here, but I'm sure you already have it or will receive it from one of the individuals listed above!!

Thanks again Lynn! I had such good intentions of stamping this weekend, but my back, legs and arms have been killing me and even my hair hurts!! But I did spread some love!!


Sherri said...

You are too sweet! You made my day!!

Sorry to hear that even your 'hair hurts' today! I'm lifting you up in prayer!!

Dianne said...

Hi Deb, When you left a comment on my card (thank you!) (you are always so sweet), I saw that your SCS name had changed! I had not been to your blog before so I went to see if you had anything about it and I saw that you have been sick for quite a while. I am so sorry. My sil has fibromyalgia so I know a little of what you are going through but she is not nearly as bad as you are. That's quite a way to lose weight girl!!!! I hope each day finds you feeling better. My thoughts are with you.
SCS -- diannep575

June said...

Oh sorry you are feeling poorly and congrats on the award. I am out blog hopping and finding some fab places like yours
Hugs June xxxx

Lynn said...

I'm happy to pass this on to you, your always so sweet to me and others! You deserve it!!!
I wish you weren't hurting so badly it makes me sad to think of what your going through.

Love the pretty picture of you in your sidebar!

Deb Neerman said...

Congrats on your Award!! No one deserves it more ('cept for me) ... LOLOL, I kid!

Congratulations my friend!

Dawn said...

Hi Deb

Aww thanks so much for this - And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments!


Lim said...

Thank you my friend. I have to finally post all these awards. I have been so bad with the. You make my day!!
Thank you!!