Saturday, March 1, 2008

Don't Worry Dentures aren't sooo Bad!

This is created in fun for'The limited frontal lobe challenge' challenge with my Twisted Sistahs Shirt and Flirt. The inside reads: "So sorry for your loss, don't worry dentures aren't so bad!"

The challenge was to use SC145 (my image was a little big),Funny Encouragement, black/purple and grey, Images- people and Deadline- Midnight Calif time!

Well I think I met all the rules!! What do you think?? It's late and dark, so I had to scan it. I fear I may actually have use for this card one day!!

Stamps: Image from Pat Smethers
Paper: Random Purple, Black and Brushed Silver
Ink: Copic Markers
Accessories: Ribbon, Paisley Cuttlebug Embossing Folder


Aunt Pudge said...

I love it,great job !! I could use this today that is how I feel. You do so n much to your cards it's un real. You should turn pro for designing cards !! Hope you win a prize for this great one !!

Pat Smethers said...

Bwahahahaha! Sistah, you are soooo Twisted! I love this card! Sorry I blew my own deadline, but I have a note from Dr. Feelgood, and he says that I am excused. I mean, relly- who can stamp in a food coma? You understand! I'm with Aunt Pudge- you should be a designer! This card is a hoot and I love the sentiment!

Love you- mean it! Flirt

Corie said...

Ahh -- this is just so funny.

Shirley said...

Hey, this looks like the card I did.
What's with that? Guess we were on the same wave length. Flirt was on the Rocky Road wave. No wonder she was comatose. It was fun even if she chose the Rocky Road over us.


Jennie Skaggs said...

This is the cutest card. Love it. Jennie have been very creative since I have checked your blog. I guess a week away does that.