Saturday, March 29, 2008

RAK Request

A mother has asked for some cards to be sent to her 4 year old daughter to celebrate her last chemotherapy… There is still a long road ahead! She also has a two year old daughter!

You can see the request here:

The mothers name is Dana and Emily is her brave little daughter, the littlest is Samantha. This is the link to her blog My Treasured creations

As soon as I heard about Emily, I asked for her address. I sent a box with a card for each of the girls, some coloring books, crayons, Princess pencils and glitter and some TY beanie babies. I hope the box will brighten their day and they will share well.

It would be fabulous if everyone who reads this sent her a card to celebrate her courage to fight against this difficult disease and wish her well!! You can get the address from the SCS link above or e-mail me and I will be happy to provide it to you!

If any of you wish to learn more about Emily’s journey, please do not hesitate in visiting the following web page…


Pat Smethers said...

Deb- I had not seen this before and am so glad you posted it. I'll get a card off too! LYMI

Lim said...

That's great idea Deb, because you have more readers than I am.. so now emily is going to receive a lot of cards.. You are so sweet. Thank you for your friendship.
Lim :)

Jean said...

I have requested their address from Dana I will send the girls some goodies... Thanks for posting this.