Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring, I think NOT!!

This is a picture of my new Jeep Compass. I'm not sure if I should call it a car or a truck, so i just call it my buggy! I really like it a lot. I wanted a Dodge caliber, but my DH insisted we have 4 wheel drive, so we got this since they didn't have any AWD Calibers in stock! It gets much better gas mileage than my GMC Canyon did and the seats are much more comfortable! As you can tell it's snowing. We got some pretty heavy snow, school was canceled and our power was out from 8:00 am until 12:30 in the morning. Let me tell you it was really cold!! I don't know what people did before electricity and indoor plumbing. The toilet seat was cold enough indoors, I can't imagine having to go outside! Brrrrrrrr!

This is a picture of part of our backyard! I am uploading this mainly for my friend Pat who lives in CA and sent me beautiful pictures of her lush green backyard. There were pictures of her cat lying in the sun and pictures of her and her family enjoying the outdoors on Easter. I'm thinking maybe I should move to Clovis to be warm and so I can stamp with my buddy!
Behind those trees is a creek, you can sorta see it. With all the snow melting etc. it has been rushing. i can't wait for Spring so we can open the windows and listen to it. It sounds beautiful and is very calming!!


Pat Smethers said...

Wow Deb- it is a winter wonderland! I love it. I know you must be tired of it by now, but really it looks so peaceful. Maybe I can come there in the summer time and we can sip tea by the crick! Nice! (You're still welcome here ya know!) Love ya! Pat

Lim said...

Can I go too?.. I live in Miami, Florida, so for me everyday of the year is hot, hot, hot, and more hot.. Your backyard is beautiful..I love the snow..
And about yor buggy, I love the color and looks great.. :)
Hugs, Lim.

Bonnie said...

Nice jeep Deb, I have a jeep compass and really like it, although I had to give up my jeep wrangler for it, and I really loved my wrangler, I'll get another wrangler hopefully when this lease is up on my compass. Enjoy your ride.

Lynn said...

You've got a cute little buggy, I like it! to bad its surounded by all that white stuff!
I can totally relate, I'm soooo ready for spring, I feel like I have cabin fever!

Julia Aston said...

Fun new car! too bad it's getting snow all over it!! we've been cold but no more snow here in eastern MA but the did get 8" in VT the other day!

Jean said...

Hey you did fix your problem and your name comes up as Deb Wood this time rather than just Deb if that helps. Love the jeep hate the snow myself too! We have some still but not quite this much... Thank Goodness :) Also wanted to tell you think your husband may be right about that quirk!! LOL