Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love my computer!!!

It's been a great week at the mailbox!!! This is from Pat Smethers, she sends me tons of fabulous images!! I hope to be able to use them all up one day, but it may not happen till I retire!! LOL!! Pat also sent some very cool sticker, I don't think you can really see them in this picture. I wish I could get better pictures of cards because this is just fabulous, rich beautiful colors, fabulous CB embossing. I looooove the way she does these bg's behind the image (I need to stop being lazy and give it a try), the way she uses the punches and you can't see it but there is a fabulous piece of embossed copper in the upper left with the photo corner punch and the brads!! You da bomb buddy!!

This little surprise package is from Julie Lacey! She sent me multiple copies of the wonderful new bella's and that bag is full of gorgeous May Arts ribbon!! What a nice thing for her to do!! If you stop by Julie Thanks so much, you rock!!!!
Last but certainly not least Shirley (wannabcre8tive) sent this package to my son Cameron. Well the bucket was all nicely wrapped and had ribbon on it and there was a cute lil bendable bunny, but I couldn't keep him off it before I took a picture because he was so excited and the bunny has been going to school and wherever else he goes!!. She also made him this fabulous card with a lady bobbing for apples because of Cameron's comment to her regarding the one she made with her teeth floating in the bowl!! (Hey laaaady, lay off the vodka already!!) Thanks Shirt, you really touched our hearts, what an extremely kind gesture!

This picture below is perfect for me because I have met some amazing people and wonderful friends through blogging and SCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you that stop by here and especially those that leave comments, you really make my day!!!


Jean said...

How fun to get all that great stuff, your blog is great love the Biotch entry!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi...It looks like you have some great stuff. :) Love the card and all the images. Cameron is so funny! Love the pic! Jennie Ps...You werent' supposed to agree with Sheldon. LOL Maybe Cameron agrees with me.

Pat Smethers said...

Deb, Deb...does everybody just love you or what? This is great. I know how much you like mail, and I know you needed it this week after all you've been thru! I wonder if insurance will cover back injuries from being online too much....Love you. Pat