Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogging awards from my best blogging buddy Ahilim

Ahlim has given me three blogging awards, she is so kind and generous and her blog rocks, you should definitely take a look, she is very talented. her blog is the voices in my head...Lim's blog. Thanks buddy even though you're a maniac(LOL) you ROCK!!

It is my pleasure to pass this award on to the following individuals, please visit their blogs because they are awesome too!

Dawn's Special Creations
The Queen's Scene
Li'l Buck's Creations
Jenn & Sheldon's Life
It's in the Cards
I am awarding the following award to:
Serenity in Stamping
Hands, Head, and Heart
Outside the Lines
Rainy Day Creations
Create with Me
Thanks to all of you for either the comments that you leave and lift my spirits and/or the inspiration that you provide each and every day!

Ahilim also gave me the Arte Y Pico award, but since this is the second time she's given it to me I'm not going to post it or forward it on again!


Melanie said...

hey thanks Deb, I havent' seen this award before! makes me glad to know all the time I spend bloggin doesn't come across as time wasted! I'm happy it has given you ideas and inspiration for your crafts/life!

Julia Aston said...

Thanks Deb for this nice award! I haven't seen this one yet either - I appreciate all your comments on my blog and I greatly enjoy cruising through yours!

Lim said...

hahahaha.. You are to much for me, hahahaha.
Big Hugs, you know I love you :))