Thursday, May 29, 2008

My mom's cards!!

I bought my Mom this apple tree from Cornish Heritage Farms, she loves this kind of stuff and she couldn't wait to use it!! She makes such wonderful scenes, the coloring and stippling is awesome!! The upper right will be where the sentiment is when she decides what she wants to use it for!!

This is one of the stamps that I bought my mom for Mother's Day. Isn't this a wonderful card?? The coloring and stippling looks fabulous and I love those little birds!! You can find it here under Great Impressions!
Aren't they fabulous!!! Thanks for looking!!


Deb Neerman said...

Omgosh, Deb, these are stunning!!! Wow. I mean WoW!

Pat Smethers said...

Deb- your mom is something else! I love her style- so natural and peaceful. I thought the cabin was my favorite (and I do love it) but these horses are just beautiful. Hug your mama for me, and go stmap somethin' purdy. Love you both!

Judy said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!!!!

Auntie said...

What beautiful cards,I just love the stipple effects. She's got the touch that's for sure !!!!!

Carolyn King said...

Gorgeous cards--I am sure you mom will love those stamps!

Lim said...

These cards are lovely Deb. She is so talented. I love both scenes.
Love it, love it... The card with the horses look so peaceful.
Big Hugs.

Jennie Skaggs said...

What gorgeous cards...I am definitely haven't been able to create any scenes yet...and I love this.