Thursday, May 1, 2008

BRAK's, Man was I spoiled!!

Both of these gifts are from my buddy Pat Smethers. This is one of the kindest most thoughtful gifts that I have ever received, as you can see she even had ny name engraved on it! I will treasure it and her friendship always! She also sent me this fabulous card, I wonder if she thinks I should get cleaning (on my birthday nonetheless)!! LOL! Seriously the card is adorable. Beautiful colors/coloring and DP! She also sent me a CD!! Thanks for the serenity, much needed! LYMI! You can visit Pat's gallery here:

Per Debiz333's comment, Hanna does look a little too happy to be cleaning. I hear there are people out there like misshelenstamps (AKA Martha) who actually enjoy cleaning!

Look at all the fabulous things Shirley sent me.I had to hide the license plate and the little book from my son. My favorite color ribbon and the cutest penguins I've ever seen!
I love this card it's sooooo beautiful, I admired it in her gallery and had no idea it was for me. I just love the colors and the ribbon. Shirley is a wonderful person and friend and I thank her not only for the gift, but for being there for me always, she has helped me through a lot. LY Shirt!! You can view Shirley's gallery here:

I received this card in the mail and I have searched and searched for her gallery and can't find it. I have found some other BRAK posts that she has sent, but wanted to take a look at her gallery and thank her for the sweet gesture. So Jeanne if you read this please know how grateful I am, It really made my day and I love it. if you have a gallery please let me know! Thanks so much for helping to make my day so special!!

Isn't this just the cutest, love the little flip flops with the bling and the colors are awesome.

Thanks for looking!

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Lim said...

You deserved all this and more!
You are the best friend!!
We love you,