Monday, January 12, 2009

Look what my DH made me....

Hello everyone, sorry it's been so long!! I am actually thinking of giving up this blog beacause I don't do much anymore and it's kinda crazy for me to put the same thing in two places. I'm not sure yet, but seriously thinking about it, I just don't have it in me anymore. So if you see stop following and subscribing that is probably why, but I will definitely let you know and continue to catch up on your blogs when I can. Hope you will check in on me on SCS under Purty Bratty Barbie ( a combination of nicknames from those crazy twisted sistahs)!!
I saw these on a website and they were using them for calendars and I thought it would be a great idea to hold my larger cards and a great way to display them and no one actually needs to touch them!! So I asked my DH, who has absolutely no wood working equiptment but a saw if he could make me some and he did, he made three for under $12.99 including the paint!! Yeah!! Thanks Honey! I gave one to my mom and she loves hers too!!


Dawn said...

Awww Deb - I'd hate for you to leave blogland.... but if you heart's not in it, if you do - you will have to give me your address so we can keep in touch.
Wow what a brilliant hubby you got - this is just great!


Anonymous said...

I love the card holder, your Mother has been talking about this! It is great,both of you are very talented !!

Theresa said...

This is so cool! What a great idea and your DH did a fantastic job!

I understand about not wanting to blog. It can be a burden at times. If you do decide to stop, just don't delete it, in case you want to come back to it sometime. K?