Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More CRAK's

CRAK from Anne Ryan:
Anne is just the sweetest, always leaving encouraging words and sending me this cute card! The letters in the red circle mean good health and I can sure use some!! Anne, Thank you for all your guidance and prayers!! Love and Hugs to you!
CRAK from Pat and Bubba Smethers:
Isn't this just filled with the Spirit of Christmas and it is so gorgeous!! Bubba is smoking with that Exacto Knife that he used to cut this out!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've been to me over the last year!! I know God sent you to me when I needed you most and you have made me laugh, cry, and love you so much!! Hugs!!
CRAK from my Mom:
This card is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't pick up the gorgeous sparkle in the tree. It is so much more IRL and actually looks like it is lit up!!! I love the nested frame and the MS snowflake punch too!! Mom, I love you more than I can possibly say! I see or talk to you every day, but I still missyou when we are apart!! I was so blessed to be born to you and don't know what I would ever do without you!! Thanks for everything throughout my life and especially for being so encouraging and caring over the last year!!

CRAK for Cameron from Gramma:
My mom made cards for all 12 grandchildren and all six of us plus many, many more!
She even personalized them with their names, isn't that sweet! Cameron loves his Gramma so much and is totally excited whenever she makes him a card!! This fat little Santa is too cute and we love the reindeer flying overhead too!!
This CRAK is also for Cameron from his Great Aunt JoAnn:
She has quite the coleection of stamps and things, but has not done much with them muttering and complaining that she doesn't know how or can't do this or that. Well lookie here: Proof that she can and she should make some more cards!! Isn't this the sweetest! I love the DP and it is colored perfectly. Also, their is glitter on the white part of the cap that doesn't show up too well in the picture, but IRL it totally sparkles and Cameron loved it, so thanks very much!!
This CRAK is from her (Auntie JoAnn, my mom's sister) also:
Looks like she is on a roll now!! I love all the cute little snowmen. My only concern here Auntie is where this fourth snowman comes in!! It had better be my mother!! I love the colors and the sparkle!! Hope it's all over your house like it is mine!! Thanks so much, I love it and can't wait to see more!!! Repeat after me, Yes I can make fabulous cards!! Love ya!!
I feel so blessed to have received so many one of a kind originals created just for our family!
Better than any gift one could ever receive, LOVE!!

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