Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mom's Simply beautiful!

Ever notice I post more of other people's cards than my own lately? It has just been to hard for me lately, when I stamp my whole body hurts. I have to take baby steps so it takes forever!

Anyway my mom showed up with these cards the other day and my jaw just dropped, I just don't think of things like this, but although she says they were simple, I say they are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

The star stamp had these little tiny dots around it, but I like it better without them.

Everyone keeps saying mu mom should get her own gallery! My mom says she is absolutely technically challenged and she could never do it. Just got her on the computer recently and she is doing very well with that, so one step at a time! Right now she doesn't own a scanner or a digital camera either. But I love to show off her work anyway and she has been a card making machine lately!!

You have to hear her when we are in the car, she is constantly saying look at those clouds or trees, or sunset etd. wouldn't that make a beautiful card. She makes me laugh, but it works for her. Obviously I'm glad I'm usually driving!! Thanks so much for looking! Leave her a comment and make her day!


Judy said...

Oh, wow! Deb, these are gorgeous. Tell you Mom she's got a special talent.

Donna said...

these are great! She is too humble, she needs to get a blog/gallery

Dawn Marie said...

Beatutiful cards! She does need her own gallery!TFS

Hanne said...

Oh, Deb, tell your mom to get her own blog RIGHT AWAY!!! These cards were SO special and really really beautiful!!! And I was laughing loud when reading about her in the car *hahaha* I always get in such a good mood when visiting your blog, Deb!

Hugs to you and your mom from Hanne:)

Crafty Connie said...

Very beautiful cards!

Terri Fleming said...

Wow Deb,
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Your mom and your son show me that there are generations of talent in your family.

I wish I could take the pain away!

Lynn said...

These cards of your mom's are wonderful! I like the dark blue night sky with the trees and silver star!

I so sorry that your in pain :(

Thank you very much for the fabulous RAK card you sent to me!

Lim said...

My Dear Debbie,
I agree 100% with Hanne.Your mom rick, she should have he own gallery. Both cards are beautiful.
Love it!
Big Hugs,

Susan (rainy) said...

Yes by all means get her a gallery going!! These are gorgeous. I love the "make a wish" sentiment with the star.

Judy said...

Your Mom has so much talent. Her cards are fabulous. You need to get her started with a blog to showcase her wonderful work.

Jennie Skaggs said...

WOW....your mom does fantastic work. :) SHe must get it from you...or the other way around. Jennie