Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random stuff tag from Donna

Random stuff tag from Donna

10 years ago I was: 10 years ago today I was getting married in 9 days. I worked for Fleet Bank, which is now Bank of America.

5 things on my to-do-list today: Make a card, get some images stamped that need to be sent out, upload RAK's I received, cut and mount stamps, and getting ready for a Garage Sale!

Snacks I love: I used to love all kinds of snacks, anything with chocolate, chips, ice cream, slim jims, and pepperoni and cheese. Since I have been sick, I barely eat at all and have not touched one piece of chocolate or any of my other favorite snacks. I have lost around 60 lbs. (YAY!! for the weight loss, boo for having to be sick to do it!!)

Things I will do when I am a millionaire: quit working, remodel our home and put on an addition so my mom can come live with us, travel to see all my new SCS and Blogging friends, make wise investments and open a stamp/gift shoppe.

Places I have lived: I have lived in NY all my life. Actually in one house for about 33 of my 39 years. After my mom moved, we moved into the house I grew up in in Frankfort. I have also lived in Utica, Clayville and now Cassville. Not very adventurous I guess!!

I'd like to know this stuff about the following people because I didn't know them 10 yrs ago:

Lim - The voices in my head
Bonnie's Blog
Judy - Designs by Nanny
Dawn - Dawn's Special Creations
Lynn - The Queen's Scene

I look forward to your answers!!


Hanne said...

Deb; thank you so much for tagging me, but I've just participated in this one (last week, I think, or was it the week before??) Anyway; feel free to pick someone else, if you want to!! :)

Big hugs,
Hanne :)

Lynn said...

Thanks for the tag!
Your info was interesting to read, it let me get to know you a little more which is nice.

I'd love to open a stamp/gift shoppe with ya! That would be a blast!

Kristine said...

Oh fun. except the being sick part. This is the first time (I think?) I've visited and don't know the story. Are you better now? Hope so. I know someone tagged me with this one but didn't do it right away and now I can't remember who it was? LOL.. anyway, fun to know you through your blog. Keep up with great work.

Donna said...

thanks for playing along - those are good snacks but the weight loss is awesome but being sick is not. sounds adventurous-I lived in the house I grew up in or 26 years. Thanks for the rak - it was too cute, it will be uploaded to my blog this week