Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Cat's Pajama's

This is one of the new stamps from Cat's Pajamas. I love them, there is a whole new line of stamps released not to long ago. I am on a stamp diet, so I could only get this one (well two, Shhhh!) Don't tell on me! Isn't this adorable? My mom got a bunch of them, so I'll have to borrow hers!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Aunt Pudge said...

Your diet won't last long,you are way more addicted than I am !!!
Cute stamp, I bought 18 stamps from here too !! They are real cute ! Great job !!

wannaB said...

Love this really cute card.
Bubba looks real good with his guns all shined up.

Pat Smethers said...

Look at Wannabe- can't keep her eyes to herself! Hey- I love this Bubba card! He is soooo cute. I hope your stmap diet ends soon. Man, that is harsh! LYMI

Linsey said...

How absolutely adorable! Love the leater twine and glitter on the stars! Super card, tfs it! ~hugs~