Friday, February 29, 2008

A loooooooooong week!

It's been a looooooong week! I've been having some trouble with my back and neck, numbness in my feet and hands etc... Well it's been a nightmare dealing with the doctors and trying to figure it all out since September. I've had MRI's and an EMG (wow, that sucked) given many drugs and still no answers. I started going to the Chiropractor on Monday and he is soooo nice, even called me at home at 7:00 at night to see how I was after my first adjustment (wow!, I was impressed!) Well, I'm still in pain, but hopefully we are getting somewhere. So, I was there for an hour and a half Monday, then two short visits on Tuesday and Thursday. On Thursday, my back made such a loud sound I thought I'd never be able to stand again, but lo and behold I'm still walking! LOL!

Then my computer was down for a couple of days, come to find out it was because it had a little snow and ice on it. It's satellite internet and costs an arm and a leg, trouble is if the wind blows or it rains it goes down, hello Upstate, NY here. There is always bad weather!! I pray for the day when cable makes its way to my door, gready prayer eh? So what I'm desperate!! I learned that my SCS friends miss and worry about me if I'm gone for a day, but my family and friends can go for months without getting nervous, go figure!! Love my SCS buddies!!

Anyway there were a couple of bright spots that I found in my mailbox:

This one (above) is from Pat Smethers, awesome eh! This image is so fabulous and I love the colors, layout and DP. This is me (Purt), Pat (Flirt) and Shirley (Shirt). Can you imagine that such beautiful friendships can become from a simple home made card!! I sure never thought! Cameron is packing his bags and getting ready to go visit Aunt Pattie. Last night he asked her which of his stamps he should bring. LOL! I think it will be a while before me make it to CA, but the thought sure is appealing. Thanks Pat, love ya man!!

And this one (below) is from Helen, boy she sure turned out to be a riot!! Helen loves to get me to say bad words and so I have to call her a "Biotch" several times when we chat. These ladies are all so funny, my hubby is ready to have me committed because I sit in here laughing all by myself all the time. Then one day, he was on e-Bay and Miss Helen sent me a message telling me to get off my butt (well actually she used the other word) and clean my house. I think she is probably still blushing since she found out it was Jim. Anyway, this card is just adorable. I loooove the sentiment and the little old lady is too cute and grumpy!! Helen went on a business trip with her DH and made this card while in a hotel room. Can you imagine how much stuff she must have packed, now that's dedication!!! Thanks Helen love ya "biotch" and love this card! Great fun fur!!! Now get yourself home, so we can chat!! Miss you!


Aunt Pudge said...

These are so real!! As usual a great job !!! You're the best !!!

Lynn said...

Its always so much fun reading your post. I'm sorry to hear that your suffering from back pain, I know what thats like, it horrible to be in pain and not know what to do to make it go away. I hope the chiropractor and some good drugs can help you! These cards from your friends are so awesome, thanks for sharing and rest up girl!