Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mom's Cards Part II, Enjoy

Just a few cards that my Mom made they are so awesome, dontcha think?? This continues on for the next few posts, hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. These two are very special because my brother-in-law is doing his second tour in Iraq. Every Saturday my mom, sister, and two nieces get together and make cards for the soldiers! These were the only ones I was able to get my paws on because Mom made this to send to him and on the inside is a picture of him and it says it'll be allyight! That's what he always tells my sister, so she is going to mail it to him to send to my sis, isn't that sweet!! What would we do without our families? I sure don't know! Love mine!!! Keep stampin' girls!!

This one below shows the color of their old uniforms and above the new!! Love this set!!!

Wanna see another card my Mom made and a hilarious picture my sister-in-law took of herself to celebrate turning 40, click here!

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Pat Smethers said...

HOLY CRAP! That's funny right there! She's the bomb! Love it!