Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Cards from my new Stamping Friends!

This card is from one of my "Twisted Sistahs" Shirley!! Shirley is wonderful and I have so much fun on the bus with my new friends, They are sooo crazy one minute, yet so caring the next!! I am still amazed at what great friends I have made through SCS! Stampers Rule!!!! If you are so inclined, you can read the whole crazy story here. Thanks so much Shirt, Trigger is sooo cute, but Jack is crazier than a loon!! What was I thinking????

This one is from my other crazy friend Helen, she's a hoot for sure! I was chatting with Helen one morning and eating pie for breakfast. She just couldn't believe it! It was chocolate mint pie and I couldn't resist!! Hey, tell me you've never eaten pie or cake for breakfast. In the Spirit of Valentine's Day I was going to have chocolate pie for dinner, but Helen got awfully upset so I ate I little slice of lasagna and now I'm going to have the pie. Girls gotta celebrate with her love on Valentine's Day right?? Thanks so much for the card Helen! It didn't scan well because of the clip, but the coloring is perfect and the cake looks delish, Mmmmmmmmm! You know the key to my heart now!! Thanks Valentine!!

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